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My name is Adrianna. I have over fifteen years of experience in the field of education serving as a lead classroom teacher (1st, 2nd and more recently 5th grade), guest teacher (short and long term in public, private and religious schools), early elementary reading and math tutor, and as the founder/reading interventionist of a literacy based program helping developing K-3rd grade readers in 1-to-1 and small group settings.

In my experience as a 1st, 2nd, and most recently fifth-grade teacher and literacy advocate, I have always viewed education through the lens of social justice, believing every child deserves to learn to read and reach their full potential. With the culmination of my Masters in Reading, Language, and Literacy, I have strengthened my knowledge of how children learn to read, the effective use of assessment data, and the urgency of high-quality, evidence-based instruction. Additionally, I gained various strategies for cultivating a culturally responsive, literacy-centered, engaging learning environment where every student feels motivated, validated, and supported.

I have a passion and talent for coaching, encouraging, mentoring, and inspiring students. As a fifth-grade teacher, I organized and facilitated a lunch bunch reading club to get students excited about reading, in addition to providing reading instruction for my students in an after-school setting.

I created By the Letter Literacy Reading Lab because witnessing emerging readers' transform into proficient, confident, enthusiastic readers is a genuinely thrilling experience. As an avid reader, I know the importance of literacy as it relates to personal growth, opportunity, equity, and success in school and life. With commitment, passion, and the creation of individualized programs and tools, students will develop the necessary skills for ongoing success.  

​​I use a multi-sensory, structured literacy approach in my instruction, and I am committed to staying up-to-date with the latest research in order to assist my students and families, while continuing to improve my expertise as a reading instructor. My BA is in Sociology with additional coursework in child development and family and social dynamics. I have completed a graduate-level teacher education program and have my California Clear Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and Reading and Literacy Leadership credential with added authorization in reading and literacy. After completing my pre-service assignment, I was nominated and subsequently became the Delta Gamma Society International Outstanding Student Teacher recipient at the chapter and state levels. I regularly participate in professional development opportunities on reading literacy and evidence-based best practices (including completing a 30-hour Comprehensive IMSE Orton-Gillingham training).

​In addition to working directly with students and families, I have completed Open Court training, served as an AEMP teacher and as an off-site judge for the Future Educators of America Lesson Planning and Delivery Competition. I have facilitated the Los Angeles Unified School District's Second Step Empathy Training Program, presented on Love and Logic (positive parenting and teaching techniques), and participated in extensive training by the California Association for Bilingual Education in the use of effective strategies for English Language Learners'. I have experience administering diagnostic assessments and analyzing data to inform my teaching practice, allowing me to create targeted lesson plans and differentiated instructional resources.​ I create both digital and video early literacy content, and recently launched a resource website and an interactive Youtube channel, both aimed at parents/caregivers and early childhood educators to use with their children/students.  

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